8am and 9:30am on Sundays Hart Street, Henley-on-Thames RG9 2AU

City Church


Churches open for services – Covid-19

Services continue in our churches on Sundays, at 8am and 9.30am at St Mary’s Henley, and 11.15am at St Nicholas Remenham. We continue to encourage people to carefully consider their own health and that of those around them before deciding to attend.

Please continue to use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving church, and before and after receiving Holy Communion. The Track and Trace register will continue. Face coverings are advised but not mandatory in church. Singing is permitted, but we ask that at least for the time being you sing through a face covering. This guidance will continue to be reviewed as circumstances change. 

Please think about whether or not it is advisable for you to attend, and carefully follow the safety guidance in church if you do come.  Sermons are uploaded to the St Mary’s website and can be found here.  

Morning Prayer: Tuesday – Friday at 9am
During August the eucharist will be celebrated in St Mary’s on Thursday 10am (traditional language) in the Lady Chapel. The eucharist on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday will begin again in September.

Church opening

St Mary’s will be open daily from 9am to approximately 5pm.

St Nicholas Remenham will be open each day from roughly 9am-4pm.

Who should come to church?

People who have Covid-19 symptoms must not come to church – the key symptoms to look out for are a temperature, a new continuous cough, and/or changes in your sense of taste and/or smell.

How can I attend church safely?

Church will not be exactly the same as it was before lockdown.  For the foreseeable future, the following changes will be in place:

  1. Everyone will be asked to sanitize their hands on arrival using the sanitizer provided
  2. Everyone will be asked to provide their name and a telephone number on arrival so it is possible to trace contacts in the (relatively unlikely) event of a church-based outbreak
  3. 2 metres social distancing between individuals (or households) is to be observed; please take particular care when arriving and leaving; seating positions have been pre-marked (St Mary’s only); the only exception is when receiving Holy Communion from Fr Jeremy
  4. The Peace will not be shared
  5. Holy Communion will be offered under one kind only; the chalice will not be offered to the people
  6. The words of distribution (“The body of Christ” or similar) usually said to each communicant will be said to everyone together after Fr Jeremy has himself received the sacrament; all who intend to receive reply “Amen”; the sacrament will be administered by Fr Jeremy silently
  7. Holy Communion will be received standing, not kneeling
  8. Service books will be quarantined, so each book is used only once a week, removing any risk of transmission
  9. There will be no refreshments offered after services
  10. Fr Jeremy will be using strong hygiene measures at the altar.

Finally, in your joy at once again seeing your brothers and sisters in the Lord, please refrain from handshaking, hugging, kissing or other physical manifestations of affection.

Please also note that there are many opportunities to worship at St Mary’s on weekdays, at services which are usually very thinly attended.  The same safety rules will apply at all services.

Please continue to pray for the church as we adjust to our changed and changing situation; for those in secular positions of authority and responsibility, and those on the front line in caring for the sick and delivering vital services; and for those who are sick, those who are anxious, and those whose livelihoods are threatened.

I am very much looking forward to seeing many of you on Sunday.